How to Create Obey Style Art in Photoshop


Many students of OpenTutor want to know how to Create Obey Style Art in Photoshop. This post has been created for all students. Today we will make Obama hope poster photoshop action. This Obama hope poster photoshop tutorial will help everyone create a nice poster. You will need a photo to create this Obama hope poster. We have selected an image for Create Obey Style Art in Photoshop.

So, create obey style art in Photoshop we are using Adobe Photoshop cc 2014 version. If you use the latest version that will be no problem. You need to follow steps. All steps are very important also this hope poster making tutorial is very important.

Step 1

At first, you need to open photoshop software. Select the file from the menu above and click on the menu option to open. The picture that we will create the hope poster to open the image. If we look through the pictures below, we can understand.


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Shohag Hossain


Step 2

Make the selection a nice selection through the quick selection tool and layer mask. Now select the layer and click on the mouse button and click on convert to smart object. Now click on Filter> Blur> Surface Blur from the menu option above and Threshold will give 10 Levels. We can see the picture below.

hope poster


Step 3

Through the middle of the picture, select the ruler and half the rectangular marquee tool. D button is pressed and the default color of Photoshop will be black and white. Click on the color picker. B option is 50% of color. Then press OK. The next half works the same way and the B option is 25% color diary. Layer two layers below the photo layer.

hope poster


Select the photo layer and select Menu> Effect> Filter Gallery> Artistic> Cutout from the menu option and select Size 1 and Contrast 50 to the right. Then press Ok.

Step 4

Click on the adjustment layer at the bottom of the layer, an option will open from there and click on the channel mixer. A window will open and you’ll have to check the monochrome. The photo will be black, black.

In the same way, click the Adjustment layer and click on Posterize. There will be level 5.

Select the magic wand tool and pick up the tolerance 10 and contiguous. Click on a specific area to select some parts of the picture. From the menu bar at the top, select> Save Selection> OK. Ctrl+D press for deselection.


Again, click the Adjustment Layer and select Gradient Map. Click on the first color stop, color code # 173083 Dia. Create a color stop, color space 25% and color code # c40b18. Create another color stop, color space 50% and color code # 549391. The last color code is # bac79c and the location is 75%. Finally, click OK.

hope poster


Step 5

We created a group of 3 adjustment layers above. Then we create a new layer. Press D and click on the option B to 50% on the color picker. Press Alt + Backspace. From the menu, click Filter> Filter Gallery> Sketch> Halftone Pattern. From the side of the donation, select Pattern Type Line. Click OK with Size 1 and Contrast 50.

Next, click the Channel next to the layer. We can see the selection that we have selected with Magic Wand tool. Let’s click on the photo by pressing CTRL. We can see some Selection.

Hope poster


Come back to the Layer and click on Layer Mask and we can completely do the Obey Style Art in Photoshop।

Create Obey Style Art in Photoshop

So if you try, posters can be made more beautiful.




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